Runtime Error When Entering a Room (October 8, 2017)

We published a new version of the updater last night.  A small bug slipped by us, that we're working on fixing. 

Upon entering a room, you may receive the following error:

You should be able to continue into the room you're trying to enter by clicking on "OK".  This will work temporarily, until we are able to finish patching the bug.

If clicking "OK" doesn't work, or you'd rather not have to do that every time you enter a room, there's a quick fix that will prevent the error from occurring.

  1. Download the following file from our website:  Internet Encodings.dll
  2. Navigate to your Gaming Safari Installation folder.  
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\GamingSafari for 32 bit installations
    2. C:\Program Files\GamingSafari for 64 bit installations
  3. Open the "Updater Libs" folder.
  4. Place the downloaded file in that folder.

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